About Us


Welcome to Mercimesweets.com where I encourage you to love your sweet tooth.  I strongly desire to share my passion for scratch made sweets; I am glad you stopped by so I can begin with you.

I was blessed wiLydia and Mercith a beautiful daughter who I named Merci. Practically every person in my family has given her their own nickname and my favorite is Merci Me. She is my pastry assistant, motivation, and favorite person on earth; therefore, I honored her by naming my business after her. Cooking was never one of my strengths until I became a mother. Unbeknownst to me, baking was a seed planted by my Granny when she taught me how to bake her mouthwatering sweet potato pie. Years later my love for baking all things sweet inspired my entrepreneurial side and VOILÀ!! Merci Me Sweets was born.

I am a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu with a focus in baking and patisserie. (Patisserie is a grand word that describes any pastry created using classical French technique.)  I have a home bakery in Metro Atlanta where delicious desserts are made from scratch. Over time I have built an ardent customer base; however, I am ready for increase. The purpose of Merci Me Sweets is to share my ideas and create tantalizing confections. My goals are to stretch my creativity and expand my brand. Now it’s time for dessert!