Merci Me Sweets Menu


Red Velvet Cake – Moist and velvety cake with hints of chocolate and vanilla. Frosted with a tart and sweet cream floral cupcakes5.5cheese frosting. Starting at $35

Chocolate Chip Butter Pound Cake – Butter pound cake with mini chocolate chips floating in the cake and a chocolate drizzle $28

Chocolate Cake – Decadent chocolate cake with a fudge frosting $35

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake – Moist chocolate cake frosted with chocolate chip cookie dough and finished with a dark chocolate ganache $40

Oreo Cake – Rich chocolate cake fros
ted with an Oreo butter cream $38

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cake – Mouthwatering chocolate cake covered in peanut butter frosting $35

Turtle Cake – Tempting chocolate cake layered in caramel frosting and topped with chopped toasted pecans $40

Mud Cake – Milk chocolate cake baked to perfection and covered with a milk chocolate frosting when the cake is fresh out of the oven $32

Strawberry Cake – Fresh strawberries added to a strawberry batter and frosted with strawberry butter cream $38

Carrot Cake – Spice cake with bits of carrots and walnuts frosted with cream cheese frosting $38

Caramel Cake – Vanilla cake layered with warm caramel sauce and frosted with caramel frosting $38

Caramel Pound Cake – Delightful caramel pound cake drizzled with a tasty caramel sauce $30

Ultra Lemon Cake – Zesty layers of lemon cake covered with a lemon frosting $35

Key lime Cake – Fresh key lime flavored cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting. Starting at $35

Butter Rum Cake – Pound cake with butter rum flavors $28

Vanilla Cake – Soft vanilla cake with layers of vanilla butter cream frosting $28

Creamy Coconut Cake – Super moist yellow cake flooded with rich and creamy coconut milk and garnished with toasted coconut flakes. Best served chilled $30

Sweet Potato Pound Cake – Moist pound cake made with
fresh sweet potatoes, cinnamon, and vanilla. $28

**All layered cakes are 9 inch, two layer cakes that yields 12-16 slices.

**All bundt/pound cakes yield 12-16 slices.


Sweet Potato Pie – Sweet potato custard with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. Graham cracker crust $18 Regular pie shell crust $22apple pie

Sweet Potato Coconut Pie – Sweet potato pie with toasted coconut flakes $20/$24

Sweet potato pecan pie – Sweet potato pie topped with toasted pecans $22/$26

Pumpkin Pie – Pumpkin custard pie with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. $18/$22

Pecan Pie – Chewy and sweet pie covered with pecans $22

Apple Pie – Old fashioned mound top apple pie $25

**All pies are baked in 9 inch deep dish pie pans.


Blondie – Vanilla brownie with chocolate chips and walnuts $35

Chocolate Chip Brownies – Brownies topped with chocolate chips $30

Walnut Brownies – Brownies topped with walnuts $32

M&M Brownies – Brownies topped with M&M’s $32

Everything Brownies – Brownies topped with walnuts, chocolate chips, and caramel bits $36

**All orders yield 16 large brownies


Variety of flavor combinations $2.50 each $3 for cupcakes with fillings. $.50 for toppers

Mini Cupcakes:

Variety of flavor combinations $1.50 each $2 for cupcakes with fillings. $.50 for toppers